Event Calendar

October 4, 2016
Join us to pray for Rockland 8:15am
October 7, 2016
Women's Fall Retreat - 6:30 pm
October 8, 2016
Women's Fall Retreat - 8:00 am
November 1, 2016
Join us to pray for Rockland 8:15am
November 25, 2016
Hanging of the Green
December 6, 2016
Join us to pray for Rockland 8:15am

Sunday Morning Adult Ed Classes

The Book of Daniel - through 10/2
Leader: Steve Hannah

The Book of Daniel is one that we never quite seem to get to in our Bible study, but it contains some of the most amazing and uplifting stories of miracles and faith in the Bible.  We will examine prophesies that have already come to pass that are mind blowing.  We will discover acts of faith that will be an encouragement to each of us.  We will meet an almighty God who is faithful, loving, and all powerful.  We will marvel over prophesies that have not yet taken place but that we know will in the perhaps not so distant future.  Please join us as we open and explore this marvelous book of the Bible.

Women's Sunday Bible Study
September 18 to October 23
Topic: More to Your Story

Join us as we view and study Max Lucado's journey through the epic events of the New Testament, and discover your place in God's plan. When you do, you'll see that there's more to your story than you ever imagined! A book with study guide included is available on Amazon: 'More to Your Story' by Max Lucado @ $12.


Women's Fall Retreat

Dinner - Friday, October 7 Retreat Day - Saturday, October 8, 2016 Join us for dinner at 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening followed by a one day retreat for the women of Rockland hosted by Linda and Dave Smith. They have graciously opened their home in Evergreen for us to gather, share thoughts and enjoy our sisterhood. Our retreat will begin at 8:00 a.m. and conclude at 4:00 p.m.

Cost for Friday dinner only is $25. Cost for Saturday only is $25 and both events will be $50. More information will be coming soon. The Women’s Ministry Team: Nancy Judge, Liz Hawkins, Melissa Miterko, Amy Sidoroff, Tammy Roth, and Rene Ruland

Fellowship Dinner October 5

All are invited to enjoy a meal and connect with all ages in our Rockland community! 6:00pm-7:00pm September 14 Dinners will be held once a month. Cost: $7 adults / $3 children 10 and under The meal will be held in Fellowship Hall with food provided by local restaurants and caterers. Gluten Free options available. Please RSVP by October 2 by email to Polly Lownsberry at plownsberry@rocklandcc.org

Women's Wednesday Morning Bible Study

"When God Doesn't Fix it," by Laura Story

Laura uses the story of her husband's illness to walk through how we live with broken dreams by deepening our relationship with God.  Whether there is something in your life that "God hasn't fixed yet" or a certain aspect of your life hasn't gone as you expected... or perhaps this is the case with a friend or family member.  We can all relate to the let down from that fairy tale life anticipated.

Laura's story pulls you in from the onset and we'll be using our small group time to dive into scriptures and Biblical principles to help us live out these truths in difficult times.  It will also help us learn better how to walk beside those around us who are going through trials.

Dates and Times
5 sessions
Every other Wednesday, 10:15 - 11:45 Beginning September 21
Ending the week before Thanksgiving, on November 16
Social gathering / brunch on November 30
Contact:Tracy Adreon, adreont@gmail.comor 720-318-9027

Weekly Bible Studies in Rm 106

Men’s Tuesday morning Bible Study at 7:00 am Led by Jim Gribnitz, Lead Pastor jgribnitz@rocklandcc.org

Adult Wednesday Morning Bible Study at 9:05 am Led by Ed Lange, Associate Pastor elange@rocklandcc.org

Please join us! We look forward to seeing you.