Event Calendar

August 6, 2015
Leadership Summit Aug 6 & 7
August 8, 2015
Second Saturday Service - Rockland Men
August 19, 2015
MOPS Drive Up Registration 9-12am
August 30, 2015
Blood Drive
September 1, 2015
CBS ASK Begins!
September 2, 2015
MOPS 2015-2016 Begins!
WAM & Wiggle WAM Begins!
September 10, 2015
CBS 2015-2016 Begins!
September 20, 2015
Fall Family Festival
October 2, 2015
Women's Retreat - October 2 & 3

Ice Cream Social - Wednesday Night July 22 6:30 - 8:00PM

It's an Ice Cream Social for Everyone!

     Visit with Friends

     Make your own Ice Cream Sunday

     Baloon Artist

Questions?? Contact Lori Fullmer at lfullmer@rocklandcc.org

Rockland Men - Second Saturday Service August 8

Our next Second Saturday Service day will take place on Saturday, August 8th. Help us paint the exterior at Loaves & Fishes in Idaho Springs! We’ll meet at the church at 7:45 a.m. & carpool to Idaho Springs. Tools, supplies & lunch will be provided. We need your help! It’s a great opportunity to serve our community, & connect with other Rockland men.

Please text (or call) Dusty Dodge at 303-909-7565 to sign up!

Loaves & Fishes exists to bring glory to God by providing food and other assistance to those in need. Their goal is to be a dependable resource for people needing assistance for food and other commodities. Want more information? Go to http://www.loavesandfishesco.org/

Serving at Denver Rescue Mission August 25th

Rockland will be serving dinner on Tuesday, August 25.  We need 10 volunteers with a minimum age of 13 to be at the downtown Mission from 6pm to 8:30 pm.  Call Jan Keating at (303)526-1235 to sign-up or email at gizjpk@gmail.com

Leadership Summit Conference August 6 & 7

No matter where you lead, The Global Leadership Summit is a world-class experience designed to help you get better and embrace your grander vision—the reason God called you to lead. Broadcast LIVE in HD from Willow's campus near Chicago to over 375 Premier Host Sites in North America and later around the world, you are invited to join an expected 260,000 leaders in 2015

For complete information: http://www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership

Your registration is secured with a check made payable to Rockland Church and memo "Leadership Summit." Contact Linda Mensching at 303-526-0668 x 201 with any questions. Registration fee is $149/person

Adult Ed Classes

Sunday, July 26th, at 10:00 in Room 106

'THE LOST WORLD OF ADAM AND EVE' Leader: Steve Selinske

Did God create the world in seven days? Were Adam and Eve real people? Did we all inherit sin originally from Adam and Eve? ...questions the Church has struggled with for 2000 years. We will explore the pros and cons in light of new Biblical scholarship. We will propose and discuss possible solutions which have roused new debate about the origin of humanity and the universe. You be the judge, by joining us for the next several Sundays to consider the facts in this welcoming and honest setting.

Sunday, August 2nd, at 10:00 in Room 106

'CHOOSING RESILIENCE' - Leader: Karen Parks

Everyone is welcome to join the conversation as we hear the story of a soldier who’s lost both arms and legs as he chooses to battle for his life – and his recovery.

What does bold living look like? How do we find the courage to follow God – no matter what? What gives someone the ability to come back from overwhelming circumstances? This Adult Education video series offers lively discussion, profound insights, and shared experiences. See you there!